Leisure special offer on memberships – Durrington Swimming & Fitness Centre


The special offer on memberships at Amesbury Sports Centre is also available at Durrington Swimming Pool for the Swim Zone memberships, aimed specifically at swimmers, as well as our Life Zone and Fitness Zone memberships.

Take out one of these memberships and play our Lucky Dip game – simply pull a numbered ball from the pot and whatever number you get relates to a specific offer against the membership you’re getting!

Swimming has many health benefits and is an excellent choice of exercise for those looking for a low impact, supported activity. Water helps to cushion the body during exercise and is therefore much friendlier on joints than land based activities.

It is also an activity that anyone of any age can take part in – and you’re never too old to learn to swim!

For more information on all our membership types visit or come in and talk to a member of staff at this friendly, local leisure centre.

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